Is Relabelling Legal?


In general relabelling for UK domestic sales does not pose any legal problems so long as it is not pasing off (fakes), suppose that you were to take a Fruit of the Loom T shirt and relabel this as "MyBrand" (given that you have the rights to "MyBrand" or that it was not covered by anothers copyright or trademark) the Fruit of the Loom label will be removed and your "MyBrand" label will be inserted, in the UK you are only required to have the fabric composition on the replacement label (given that it is not subject to CE or Fire marking) of course replacing the size and washcare instructions are normal, though not a legal requirement, relabelling is utilised by many well known high street brands and commonplace in the garment trade. If however you are considering exporting, your garments will have to comply with the regulations in force in that country, for the EU, see the latest directive as below, it is now a requirement for the country of origin and fabric content to be shown in all EU languages though the method of doing so is not consistent through the EU, for the USA a country of origin is required, Canada requires bi-lingual labelling, in general if exporting you are advised to take advice specific to the country in which you will be selling.

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Current Labelling legislation:

UK The Textile Products (Labelling and Fiber Composition) Regulations 2012


EU 1007 / 2021 Labelling of Textile Products


US Office of Textil and Apparel