In the UK there is a well established network of wholesale garment distributors, they all have a comprehensive catalogue, web presence and hold substanial quantities of blank garments; delivery is mostly next day and we receive deliveries direct from many of these on a daily basis. In order to trade with these companies most will require you to go through an account validation process in order to ascertain that you are a bona fide trader, once in place you are able to browse their catalogue and place orders by phone, fax or internet for delivery either direct or to ourselves. Even on bulk orders of tens of thousands of shirts most manufacturers will require you to go through one of their wholesalers even if the stock is despatched palletised from the manufacturers warehouse.

Below is a list of garment wholesalers who supply blank garments to the trade in quantities from singles to complete cases or pallets, whilst a limited number of manufacturers (see Blank Garment Manufacturers ) will deal direct most businesses will purchase from one of these wholesalers:


Ralawise 0800 212 180


Pencarrie  0800 252 248


Prestige 0800 652 1234


Elms & Elms 0161 428 8383


PAG  0208 991 9955


BTC 0800 0124 542


Absolute Apparel 0800 408 5511