At Jami Q’s we offer the production of labels as a service associated with our relabelling service. Whilst we are happy to supply on a label only basis, unlike other manufacturers of labels we approach the production of labels in a different manner.

Initially from yourself we will require some form of artwork (this can be supplied in most standard industry formats), dimensions or a knowledge of the label it is intended to replace.

At this early stage; unless you are already familiar with your requirements, we will usually wish to discuss the overall use of the label. In this way we may offer advice on how the label design may incorporate washcare, fabric content, sizing information and label finish, all of which will impact of the final costings for your job.

We offer both printed and woven labels.

The most common label formats are shown below:














The use of these labels is (though not restricted) as below:


Centre Folded:Neck design with washcare on reverse. Insertion Tabs


Double End Folded:Neck design. Cupping for hem or sleeve


Flat:Neck design. Washcare. Badge


All of our woven labels are supplied folded (where applicable) cut & fused, this assures you of a cost effective use in production, consistent application and resilience to fraying.

Once the label design has been agreed you will receive a visual of your label (usually in .pdf format – opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader), once this is agreed we will quote on the basis of the quantities required. Labels are subject to an electronic proof, though a physical sample may be prepared at a small additional cost

Our minimum label order is 100 pieces for Satin Printed and 1,000 pieces for woven, all orders are subject to carriage where despatched from Jami Q’s. Sizes may be woven into runs at a minimum of 1,000 pieces per size.