Hello and welcome to Relabelled,


We offer a wide variety of relabelling services. These include Garment Relabelling, Garment Labels, Badges and Badge Application. Labels are a great way to make your mark on your garments and create a professional looking brand.


Garment relabeling is a great way to brand your own apparel. Removing the existing neck label from a T-shirt, Polo, Hoodie, or Shirt and replacing it with your own private, or corporate clients label immediately changes the perception of your merchandise, from a stock garment to a bespoke garment.

Once the old label has been removed, we can add any label style to suit your specific requirements. Simply get in touch!


If you have ongoing relabelling requirements then we would be pleased to quote on a like for like basis, or perhaps upgrade your existing presentation, should you be considering a new project we hope that you will find our Useful Information tab a resource for further information and potential suppliers.